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Tap Turners are a set of easy aids to provide extra leverage to turn taps for people with arthritis or any weakness in their hands.

The pair of Medeci range tap turners is a high-quality household aid and can be used on almost any type or size of crosshead or crystal tap.  One turner is blue and one is red, for easy identification of hot and cold, and an embossed symbol on the cap of the red turner helps you identify the hot tap by touch only.

The long handles provide plenty of leverage so you can turn the tap lightly with your palm or elbow – no more twisting and struggling.

The turners simply push onto your taps and can be left in place permanently once fitted.

Each durable, plastic turner has a white, round plastic cap, which covers the top of the tap. To ensure that the cap fits tightly, the turners come with strips of non-slip rubber, which you use to line the inside of the cap.

The long, shaped handle is pivoted so you can flip it over in locations where the taps are close to the wall, or lift it back to allow full access to the sink or basin.

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