About Us

Arthritissolutions.com.au team

We are a group of Production, Industrial engineers, Logistics managers and Medical professionals with more than 30 years experience in Logistics, distribution activities, design and manufacturing of work tools. Our knowledge of ergonomics and experience in design of comfortable, safe and functional tools, jigs and fixtures for companies like: Siemens, Alcatel, AWA, Thales and others provides a considerable foundation to our claim. We can design some custom made aids, but our main activity is selection of the best mobility aids in the market place from the manufacturers and wholesalers, offering them to you and delivering your purchases to your door within the most reasonable time frame.

We are baby boomers, preparing for our retirement. We clearly recognise the fact that we are getting older and the simple daily leaving tasks may become a problem for us. The question we asked ourselves is how we can help all people with limited mobility problems? This web-site is the answer.