Media Release


Arthritis Solutions supports NDIS.

Date: 15/01/2010

Arthritis Solutions welcomes the reforms proposal released by the federal government on the 10 August 2011. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a practical way to assist people with disabilities, elderly, arthritis sufferers and their carers to achieve a better quality of life.   

In its report released on Wednesday, the Productivity Commission recommended a new national scheme to provide insurance cover for all Australians in the event of a significant disability.

The federal government limited its response to the report to supporting the concept and committing $10 million for technical policy work.  We believe this is just not good enough and not fast enough and below are the reasons why.

We are a small business, specialising in providing all kinds of aids to people with disabilities in order to help them to stay at home and take care of majority of their daily activities. 

The idea is to provide direct assistance to people with disabilities by accepting customer’s orders via our website and delivering our products to their door around Australia.  We help people with disabilities, elderly people and arthritis sufferers to stay at home and to maintain their independence.

This is our away to help disabled and their carers, who need help.

On daily basis we encounter the hardships disabled people and their carers face in order to bring some normality into their life.  

The scheme would provide insurance cover for all Australians in the event of a significant disability, covering the highest priority groups by 2015/16 and all people by the end of 2018/19. This is just not fast enough.  There are thousands of disabled and very sick elderly people struggling every day doing very basic domestic tasks, but sometimes finding it financially difficult to purchase the right aids.

Our company maintains very low margins on the products we sell as a virtual retailer oscillating between losses and brake even P & L.  We are trying to help our customers every way we can, constantly searching for better and cheaper solutions, but not everybody can afford to buy our products.

We urge all levels of government in Australia to work together so that National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is implemented as matter of urgency.  

Jeff Shmulburd