Light dessert spoon Thin. Product Code ETAC-80401007

Light dessert spoon Thin. Product Code ETAC-80401007
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Light Dessert Spoon Thin Handle ETAC - 20 cm for arthritic hands.

This cutlery has been specially developed for people who need support for their hands and forearms when they eat, and who usually use cutlery in the pencil grip. It is very useful for people with arthritic hands to facilitate eating.

  • Lightweight cutlery with light, slim handles requires a minimum of effort to use.
  • The cutlery has long thin handles to allow a comfortable grip in the hollow between the thumb and index finger.
  • The long handles reduce the need to lift the arm as high as with normal length cutlery.
  • The underside of the handle is softly rounded to avoid edge or point pressure.
Description Light dessert spoon, thin handle ETAC
Material ABS plastic handle / Stainless Steel metal utensil 
Weight 26 g
Total Length 20 cm
Care Dishwasher-safe
  Ergonomically engineered design








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