OXO Winged Corkscrew Product Code 1057960

OXO Winged Corkscrew Product Code 1057960
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OXO corkscrew  with soft knob winged design makes opening a bottle of wine easy with no awkward or strenuous pulling. 

Soft knob makes turning easy. Stopper prevents overinsertion of non-stick screw into cork

Sturdy die cast zinc wings and gears.
Ample grip foreasy placement of Corkscrew on top of the bottle.
Secure the Corkscrew on top of the bottle with one hand and turn the soft, comfortable knob to lower the non-stick screw into the cork.
The diecast wings will rise as you turn the knob.
Press the wings downward with both hands to release the cork frpm the bottle. It's that easy!
Works on any size bottle. 
Dimensions: 200mm x 45mm x 30mm Weight: 255G (9 oz). 
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